<em>Edit Event</em> The Market of Smithery, Curated by Sipsmith

The Sipsmith Market of Smithery

Online Market
Throughout London Craft Week

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Edit Venue The Sipsmith Distillery
The Sipsmith Distillery
Cranbrook Road
W4 2LJ

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020 8747 0753

Throughout London Craft Week, Sipsmith will be hosting an online market place for Smiths and Makers, providing them with a new platform to sell and share their craft.

For those like Sipsmith who champion a future made better by hand, join their master craftsmen and fellow makers at the Sipsmith Distillery for a series of ticketed experiences, workshops and talks. 

Founded 11 years ago, Sipsmith has pioneered the craft gin boom. In 2009, their founders Sam and Fairfax pioneered for a change in the UK distilling law to allow distillers to craft gin the way it used to be and should be, by hand in small batches. Since Sipsmith was granted the first distilling licence in just shy of 200 years, they have inspired a generation of distillers around the world to craft their own gin. 

The Sipsmith team’s unrelenting passion for things well made, by hand and with love and commitment, is what has inspired them to be a part of London Craft Week. Sipsmith was founded to champion ‘Smithery’ – a future made by hand – and in turn are passionate about supporting the next generation of smiths. 

Sipsmith gin has won over 30 international awards and is used by top bartenders and gin lovers across the globe as an essential ingredient to a vast range of classic cocktails. 

‘Sparked the craft spirits revolution in the UK’ – The Spirits Business, 2019

The Sipsmith Distillery