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Smythson: An Emporium of British Craftsmanship

Workshop, 8 May 09:30 – 19:00

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141–142 Sloane Street

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020 7730 5520

Smythson invites guests to discover the brand's rich and rather curious craftsmanship history, from Frank Smythson's earliest designs to the traditional gold-stamping techniques used by their artisans to this day. Guests can enjoy a glass of champagne during the workshops.

Smythson invites guests to discover the brand's rich and rather curious craftsmanship history. In their transformed Sloane Street store, enjoy a rare glimpse of how each Smythson piece is brought to life, with the brand’s artisans sharing their knowledge and passion.

Step into the brilliant mind of Smythson’s eccentric and ingenious founder Frank Smythson for a one-of-a-kind workshop that reveals his original inventions that inspire the design and craftsmanship of their products to this day.

Spanning the first featherweight paper-filled Panama diary that has barely changed from its original 1908 design to the iconic Bond Street bag that 'always holds just a little bit more', guests can see first-hand how the history of Smythson’s craft is intricately woven throughout today's collections. From gold-stamping Smythson pieces for veritable icons Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn and Sir Hardy Amies, to creating suites of bespoke stationery for the Indian Maharajas, it's little wonder that personalisation is so synonymous with the Smythson craft.

The workshop not only highlights the traditional techniques and tools still used by the brand’s gold-stampers today – guests can also see tradition combining with stunning innovation as Smythson’s digital calligrapher is brought to London for the very first time. A specially-designed machine that intricately illustrates leather with innovative and stunning precision, guests can watch as their items are embellished with a bespoke design of their choosing.

Join Smythson for a glass of champagne during London Craft Week to celebrate artistry and craft.