The Origins of My Design and Redesigning Heirloom Jewellery with Jane Lunzer

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This event will take the form of a discussion with my daughter and assistant, Olivia. She’ll question how I work, how my designs evolve, and how heirloom jewellery can be redesigned in a contemporary manner, giving new life and a new role to precious possessions.

We shall also be looking at the process of making a piece of jewellery, including where the time and money goes, and whether man-made gems should / can be cheaper than natural stones. This aspect of the jewellery world is so often a mystery, and learning about the stages, opportunities and, sometimes, limitations will give an understanding of this fascinating topic.

Questions are encouraged from those taking part, either via the ‘chat’ facility or directly from participants after the presentation has been given. Pieces of jewellery belonging to viewers can be also be shown, with the possibility of discussion about how they might be altered, revived or completely remade.

Jewellery making


5 October 2020, 11:00
7 October 2020, 20:00


This is a digital event