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Tour of the Chitra Collection and Tea Tasting with Newby Teas

10 May, 18:30 - 20:45
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Newby Teas
105 St John Street

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020 7251 8939

Luxury tea brand Newby Teas invites you to a curator tour of the world’s rarest and largest privately-owned collection of historic teawares, the Chitra Collection. The tour is followed by a tea tasting masterclass led by a Newby expert.

Nirmal Sethia, Chairman of Newby Teas, set himself the task of acquiring the world’s greatest collection of tea antiquities to record and preserve tea cultures of the past. With objects drawn from Europe, Asia and the Americas, and from over a thousand years of history, the Chitra Collection is a unique reflection of the importance of tea and the diversity of tea-drinking customs across the world. Familiar names such as Fabergé, Meissen, Sèvres, Wedgwood and Tiffany and Co. are represented alongside exquisite finds originating from Russia, Norway, France and elsewhere. A significant highlight of the collection is Lord Nelson’s Bachelor Teapot, on display for the tour.

Newby Teas is the most awarded international brand in luxury tea. Quality is the number one priority, maintained by selecting the finest leaves from a variety of tea gardens, picked in their prime season. Expert tasters sample thousands of harvests, but only after Mr. Sethia has personally tasted and approved each tea will it be ready to bear the Newby name.

Newby Teas