<em>Edit Event</em> Understanding Ceramics at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Understanding Ceramics at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre

Talk, 9 May 18:00
Contemporary Ceramics Centre
63 Great Russell Street

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0207 242 9644
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Disabled access

A guide to understanding ceramics from London’s only dedicated contemporary ceramics gallery. Learn about clay types, making techniques, firing, glazes and different pottery traditions.

This illustrated talk from the curators at the Contemporary Ceramics Centre offers a way into understanding ceramics for the curious. Using work from the gallery, they examine and explain different firing techniques, glazes, throwing, slab, coil and other methods, as well as expanding upon the history of craft pottery in the UK and its influences.

Guests can learn to recognise a raku-fired pot from a kiln-fired pot; understand the difference between earthenware, stoneware and porcelain; and explore the different traditions in British ceramics and how to identify them.

The Contemporary Ceramics Centre is the London gallery of the Craft Potters Association, established in 1958 and representing nearly 400 professional ceramic artists across the UK and Ireland.

Contemporary Ceramics Centre