PYTON is a multidisciplinary exhibition platform and artist group in Oslo showcasing historic and contemporary Norwegian craft, art and design that are pioneering within their field.

Founded in 2019, in response to growing interest in collectible design, craft and art from the contemporary Norwegian scene, PYTON is led by Henrik Ødegaard, Richard Øiestad, Tron Meyer and Are Blytt. Their exhibition space in Oslo aims to be a pioneering platform for exhibition concepts, inviting up-and-coming designers, craft makers and artists to a common space, juxtaposed with leading figures from the past.

For London Craft Week 2022, by invitation of Norwegian Crafts, Richard Øiestad and Are Blytt from the PYTON team curate an exhibition in Gallery 5 at Cromwell Place. The gallery space is divided into several room typologies as a nod to the apartment it once was, using this as a catalytic idea for creating a stage for Norwegian art and design from the 20th century to the ultra-contemporary. The selection spans design, fine art and noteworthy craft objects, commissioned and curated. The presentation also includes works by the PYTON artist group’s individual practices.