Park Royal Design District is home to an emerging cluster of creative talent and one of the Mayor’s newest Creative Enterprise Zones. Nestled among industrial buildings, iconic factories, Lebanese bakeries and specialist mechanic’s garages, you’ll find a rapidly-growing collection of studios and workshops occupied by artists, crafters, makers and designers.

This unique landscape has inspired a particularly eclectic mix of disciplines, many finding inspiration from reclaimed materials and repurposed offcuts from their industrial neighbours. These recurring themes of circularity and resourcefulness, combined with high-tech future-looking innovation can be seen in ceramics, leatherwork, sculpture, millinery, screen-printing and small-scale fashion brands throughout the area.

Visitors can expect to browse an array of beautiful goods in a central marketplace, take part in hands-on workshops, as well as panel talks, live demonstrations and open studio tours. There’ll also be two exhibitions – Park Royal Clay, which explores the work of 8 different ceramicists working with raw clay sourced from a local excavation project, and Future x Craft which reveals craftspeople working at the intersection of ancient practices and modern technology.