The word ‘craftsmanship’ epitomises everything about Purdey. Every ‘Best’ gun and rifle Purdey makes is entirely bespoke from beginning to end. These working pieces of art take up to two years to build, with the engraving alone accounting for approximately 150 hours of craft work. Craftsmen are apprenticed for five years in making a specific aspect of the gun before becoming a certified gunmaker, which shows how specialised the discipline is and how important craftsmanship is for Purdey and its customers.

When coming into Audley House, Purdey’s home since 1882, customers are greeted with a range of guns, clothing and accessories that cater for the full shooting weekend. Whether travelling to the countryside with your elegant, hand-tanned leather luggage, purchasing a bespoke Purdey gun or shopping for that authentic, practical and quintessentially English style, Purdey caters for all.