After 60,000 hours, you’d know something inside-out too.
The unique Japanese concept and tradition of Takumi embodies artisan craftsmanship. Each Lexus Takumi master craftsman has spent over a quarter of a century developing unparalleled skill, knowledge of and intuition for their discipline, which guarantees that no car leaves the production line unless it is perfect.
More than merely experts, these master craftsmen have undergone exacting training over many years to refine their senses. They apply this unwavering dedication to every stage of the production process, creating exceptional vehicles and amazing experiences by fusing traditional techniques with modern technologies.
The role of these Takumi is not only to ensure unprecedented standards of build and finish in every Lexus, but also to drive innovation. Whether that’s programming machinery to follow the finest hand-guided techniques, or collaborating with other artisans to inject a thoroughly human-centric aesthetic to new designs, the spirit of Takumi propels Lexus forward.
As part of their ‘In Search of Takumi’ series, Lexus collaborated with British craftspeople, inviting them to create a bespoke work of art inspired by the brave yet elegant designs of their cars. Each artist drew on their own Takumi skillset to produce an original interpretation of distinctive Lexus features.
For London Craft Week, Lexus invites you to visit these meticulously crafted pieces, wrought from the same fundamental materials at the heart of every car they build, that exemplify the dedication and skill of their creators.
Experience the collection at the Lexus Takumi Townhouse, on show at The Stables, 25 Shelton Street, WC2H 9LH, or visit for more information.