Having expanded its key focus area from Techstyle to AgTech, The Mills Fabrica is strategically positioned to spearhead sustainable innovation and creativity to redefine the realms of how they grow, make, transport and discard what we wear and what we eat.

Housed within a three-storey Victorian warehouse reimagined by renowned architects Barr Gazetas and restored by Untold Interiors, The Mills Fabrica comprises: Fabrica X, an experiential concept store and innovation gallery for sustainable brands; membership-led work spaces; a tech lab equipped with laser cutter and 3D printer for prototyping; a powerful start-up incubation programme; and curated events dedicated to building a community of sustainable innovators.

The Mills Fabrica’s investment fund has a vested interest in over 25 startups – collectively valued at over $1 billion – tackling systemic issues at the material level, within the supply chain and all the way down to the business models in need of driving better environmental, societal and governance outputs. Notable portfolio companies include garment fibre recycling pioneer Renewcell, Geltor – a biodesign company developing collagen-based vegan ingredients for the beauty industry, and Unspun, who are rewriting how jeans are made with 3D weaving technology and on-demand manufacturing.

As the second outpost of the Hong Kong-based regeneration project The Mills, the London site marks an exciting cross-continental chapter in the global journey to drive a more sustainable future.