Taking pleasure in beauty is the motto of the more than 200-year tradition of the A.E. Köchert firm. The Neuer Markt jewelers have always achieved an outstanding combination of classical and modern design in their work.

In 1814 Emanuel Pioté founded a goldsmith workshop in Vienna, but it was Jakob Heinrich Köchert who, by joining the firm five years later, laid the cornerstone for the Viennese jeweler’s dynasty – the house of Köchert. Since that time, it has been a marked family and firm tradition that the doors to the Neuer Markt shop are open to well-known artists who, in productive collaboration with our their singularly talented master goldsmiths, have created one-of-a-kind jewels.

The onetime Imperial Court Jeweler Emanuel Köchert (1825-1879) owed his additional title of “Kammerjuwelier” (“Chamber Jeweler”), by which he was also charged with the care of the treasury and the jewels of the imperial family Habsburg-Lothringen, to the renown of the goldsmith firm. During the period when the firm served as Jeweler to the Imperial and Royal Court, Köchert’s stars for Empress Elisabeth, among other things, caused an international sensation. These stars are today once again being produced and enjoy widespread popularity.

Today the Köchert family continues the tradition of the A.E. Köchert name in perfect form and style. More than ever, the A.E. Köchert firm today stands for an outstanding tradition of craftsmanship, precious materials, and unique design which combines classical and modern elements to produce exquisite jewels. The satisfaction of our customers is still our most important measure of a job well done. More than 200 years of continuing tradition form our consciousness of our firm’s long history. Everything we do, we do in the awareness of the responsibility this tradition brings.