Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian Gonzalez

Adrian has been making pots since he was 10. Although his career path initially took him down the corporate route, he decided to leave the stresses of a management role behind when he discovered North Street Potters in 2015.

He initially joined North Street Potters as an apprentice but quickly progressed to the production team and embraced their ethos of making affordable pottery to both the community and restaurants alike. Since joining North Street Potters he has worked on numerous restaurant orders and has become one of the expert plate makers.

Adrian primarily makes tableware with stoneware clay. He has developed a range of shapes and glazes popular with both restaurants and the general public. The majority of his tableware is thrown on the potter’s wheel using Japanese production techniques and is fired in an oxidation atmosphere. 

He is also interested in large sculptural bottles which he has been making since 2006. These vary in technique and decoration but are all fired to stoneware temperatures in a reduction atmosphere.

He has also returned to Sutton College where he initially discovered pottery and is now the technician, ’Production pottery’ and ‘Glaze technology’ tutor there.