Adrien Canitrot

Born in 1984 in the south of France. His professional training began in 2000, after 2 years studying Stone Carving, he embarked on a Journey through France and Catalonia, participating in the restoration and construction of numerous Historical Monuments such as the Strasbourg Cathedral, the Saint Sulpice church in Paris and the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona among others. At 24 he received the title of "Master Craftsman".
He has been living in Chile for 7 years, where he has specialised in creating objects made with river stone. In 2018, he was awarded the "Seal of Excellence for Handicrafts of Chile" for his creation of the WIXUR bowl, going on to consecutively receive international awards from the World Craft Council and UNESCO for the same piece. He has two of his works in Chilean museums, in addition to having exhibited his work at the International Biennial Révélations Salon in Paris in 2019.

Canitrot has been making Design Objects in stone for more than 3 years, which he chooses and extracts from the rivers of the central-southern zone of Chile. This abundant, but complex material allows him to test the limits, experimenting with thicknesses of just 2mm in some of his works. 
His source of inspiration comes both from nature's own observation, as well as from contemporary architecture. His works, which denote mastery in the trade, combine functionality and beauty, striving for the purest expression.