Alexandra Llewellyn

London based British designer Alexandra Llewellyn creates backgammon boards and custom-made games tables and games, all made in the UK. We stock a collection of our in-house designs that can be available immediately or personalised with engraved or painted messages, initials, and dates. They can also be commissioned with our exquisite semi-precious stone and brass playing pieces.

Alexandra also takes one-off commissions for games tables and games boards. Every detail is created in close conversation with the client, creating a truly original way to commemorate memories and life achievements. Alexandra works with a team of master craftsman in the UK who each specialise in different techniques and materials, making each unique commission an original to be enjoyed by generations to come.

Alexandra has played backgammon all her life, and her love of the game was cemented as a child in Cairo. The rattle of dice on large wooden crate-boards signalled the game in play, as she strolled through the streets with her Egyptian step-grandfather. As she travelled more her interest in backgammon evolved, over countless games. She became enthralled by the idea that board games operate as an independent vocabulary requiring neither common language nor culture and the idea that games bring people together.

Launched in December 2010, Alexandra Llewellyn Designs embody an exquisitely unique vision of the oldest recorded board game in the world.

Alexandra was part of the 2015 Walpole Crafted Class.