Alice is an award-winning jeweller and silversmith, who’s sculptural metalwork reimagines secret geological treasures that appear out-of-this-world.
Alice collected rocks from a young age and has always been drawn to sparkling hidden objects. Early childhood memories of visiting the Blue John Stone caves in Derbyshire drew her back there for her university research, where she sketched from the Blue John Stone mineral specimens. Other inspiration comes from visiting museums, such as the Natural History Museum, where she photographs and sketches the mineral specimens. She sculpts these contrasting crystal shapes and sparkling rough rocks using the ancient technique of chasing and repoussé.
Alice uses the metal niobium within her work, allowing her to add highlights of iridescent colour through the technique of anodising. This has become her specialism, and she is one of a small handful of metalworkers in the UK working in niobium.
Alice studied at The Glasgow School of Art, before going on to train at the prestigious Bishopsland Educational Trust. It was here that she won The Jane Goodman Award, which has given her a grant to further study the metal ‘niobium’ with anodising expert Brian Eburah.
Alice has exhibited in New York at the international show “MAD About Jewelry”, as well as The Scottish Gallery and the world-renowned Goldsmiths’ Fair. Alice has won several awards at The Goldsmiths Craft and Design Council Awards, as well as the Contemporary British Silversmiths’ “Industry Award”, with a prize of 1kg of silver to make her design