Alice Fry




Alice Fry is an award winning jeweller and silversmith who recently graduated from The Glasgow School of Art BA (Hons) Silversmithing and Jewellery Design with a First Class degree. She creates jewellery and silverware that celebrates the chaotic beauty of crystal and mineral formations through the medium of metal.

Inspired by mineral growth, Alice explores the material quality, shapes and forms of crystals, gemstones, inclusions and rough rocks using chasing and repoussé. Alice uses the metal niobium within her work, allowing her to add bright pops of colour to her collection through the modern technique of anodising. This has become her specialism, and she is one of a small handful of metalworkers in the UK working in niobium.

Alice studied at Bishopsland Educational Trust 2020-2021, a renowned residential silversmithing and jewellery course in the UK. She now makes her work from her workshop in Sheffield.