Alina Zvizdetska and Viktoria Ahatieva are Ukrainian based artists who specialise in the weaving of bespoke rugs at Vandra Rug’s atelier in Kosiv. This mountain town is renowned for artistic handicrafts and has recently become one of the safer places to live and work in Ukraine.

Alina Zvizdetska spent eight years studying weaving under the tutelage of both the Art Institute of Kosiv and Lviv Academy of Arts, making her one of Vandra’s most experienced craftswomen. Zvizdetska’s work is characterized by her exceptional ability to interpret complex designs and patterns through woven mediums and materials. Her embroidery and sewing skills were refined during her time at Roksolana Bogutska, a studio which represents a symbiosis of Ukrainian ethnic motifs and contemporary fashion. She also developed a clothing line made entirely from self-woven materials. Zvizdetska’s practice is a reminder that weaving is an adaptable, everlasting craft.

Viktoria Ahatieva started her path with Vandra Rugs as a young girl. Her mother is one of the atelier’s original craftswomen and current chief weaver. As a child, Ahatieva would often stop by the atelier after school, where she would do her homework and offer opinions on their work. While an agricultural student, Ahatieva continued to frequent the atelier and began drafting a handbook on weaving techniques, schemes and patterns. Her enduring love for the craft encouraged her to choose weaving as a full career. With a deep understanding of a weavers essential workmanship, Ahatieva is now a mentor to other budding craftswomen.

Together, Alina and Viktoria work with cotton, wool-felt and wool-yarn to create elegant rugs inspired by the present and past world around them.