Amilcar Ferreira

Painter of tiles since 1985, Amilcar Ferreira was trained in the section of panels of the renowned Ceramics House Aleluia, in Aveiro, Portugal. Today he is considered one of the most highly specialised painters, having reached the leading position at Alleluia until his departure in 1996. At that time, Amilcar decided to create his own atelier, maintaining the quality standards of the traditional Portuguese tile, innovating and creating new aesthetic concepts.

Amilcar practices azulejaria – the art of hand-painted tiles. Being one of the most representative art forms of the Portuguese culture, the hand-painted tiles reflect a tradition with hundreds of years, and often portray scenes from Portuguese history or its fabulous sights. The majority of tiles are decorated with glazed colourful designs showing Moorish motifs which have curvilinear, lacelike and looping designs, or even have geometric or floral schemes.