Amy creates unique contemporary jewellery with a reduced environmental impact. Her signature technique involves pouring molten pewter into water rapidly reducing its temperature and shocking it in to intriguing sculptural forms which she then combines with environmentally conscious materials such as eco resin and recycled silver. 

Inspired by powerful waterfalls freezing over, Amy developed this unique technique to replicate the sense of energy and movement being captured and frozen in time. Just like a frozen waterfall her work portrays a sense of fluidity and movement captured in a solid form. Amy is fascinated by the process of materials changing state from liquid to solid and through her designs she explores different ways of manipulating and controlling this natural process.

Amy is continually refining and honing her skills as a maker and an important aspect of her practice is developing environmentally conscious ways of working. She explains that we are all aware of the adverse impact humans are having on the planet, we constantly see it on the news and in documentaries. Amy sees this as potentially a really exciting time for crafts people, she thinks we are beginning to see a shift in attitudes away from mass produced disposable items towards quality, long lasting, locally made products. For Amy the future of craft is sustainability.