Ane Christensen is a fine metal worker creating contemporary sculpture and objects. She grew up in Copenhagen before moving to London to study her craft in the ’90s. Each of her pieces begins with the simple geometry of bowl forms and flat sheet. She often includes metal wire, used like line drawing in space. Applying traditional techniques such as hand piercing, drilling and soldering, she enjoy working in a variety of metals, combining them in an exploration of colour and texture.

Having made functional silver tableware for years, Ane’s work is becoming increasingly abstract and less concerned with the traditional perceptions of function. Her new work investigates the meeting of contrasting elements within a form. Simple, heavy and calm bowl forms are ‘interrupted’ by visually complex, open and delicate structures. The essence is in the dialogue, tension or collision that happens in that meeting point. Her work continues to explore the subjects of illusion and balance, adding a playful element of wonder to the experience of engaging with her work.

Ane’s work is represented in several major museum collections including Victoria and Albert Museum, The Crafts Council UK, Koldinghus Museum DK, Museum for Decorative Art DK and the Goldsmiths’ Company. Ane now lives and works in East London.