Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford

Fung + Bedford is the design studio of Angela Fung and Ashley Bedford, experienced designers who make bespoke architectural origami hand folded paper installations for commercial and interior projects. They work with architects and interior designers to create inspiring spaces.

Angela and Ashley create origami-inspired large scale installations and faceted sculptures, combining their mutual experience of working in contemporary jewellery and Ashley’s former career in architecture to explore movement through textural form. Fung and Bedford work with predominantly Tyvek (a tear-proof, waterproof fire-retardant manmade fibre), as well asmore traditional paper stocks, metallics and fabrics –choosing simple flat materials to create unexpected elaborate structures through repetitive and precise folds. Through manipulation by folding and creasing, they transform single layer papersand metalsinto immersive installations, imbuing them with a performative potentiality.

Angela and Ashley push themselves to develop their practice, inspire others and challenge the boundaries for abstract and architectural origami as a contemporary art form.Their ambition is to occupy spaceswhich have distinct and characterful architectural structures, which juxtapose very well with the pure whiteness of their chosen material Tyvek. Their ambition is for an immersive experience as soon as viewers enters, so that a dialogues are formed between spaces and their folded panels; the latter inhabiting, presenting and connecting through the process of making.

Fung + Bedford’s work is where the art of hand folding, meditation, craft and site specific art all meet and intermingle,so much so that one can’t distinguish what is craft/art/making. Fung and Bedford have bene members of Design-Nation since 2014.