Anna Gravelle

Anna is an artist and designer making irresistibly tactile textile art and interior products.  Anna explains that she dwells in the present rather than holding on to what’s gone before, so she really loves the new work she’s been developing. 

Anna works from a garden studio on the outskirts of Bristol.  The materials she uses are almost always wool cloth and fine embroidery threads. Anna is perpetually inspired by the patterns found in textural, rural landscapes.  Through mark-making and drawing she creates three-dimensional abstract embroideries to adorn domestic and public spaces.

In the last decade we’ve seen a huge rise in the appreciation of the handmade and handcrafted, as a reaction perhaps to the digital world we inhabit. Anna feels this is going to grow further with perhaps even more of an emphasis on acquiring skills and using materials that promote a softer impact on the environment.  

Over the next five years Anna is looking forward to moving towards developing a gallery-based practice alongside new textile products for interiors.