Anna Gravelle is perhaps best known for taking the traditional craft of tufting (usually associated with rug making) and reimagining its potential to add tactile and three-dimensional character not just to fabrics but as a medium for realising large-scale, wall-mounted artworks.

Gravelle gives the tufting craft a contemporary edge by using luxurious materials, including the finest wool and silky threads, and working the technique like exquisite embroidery. The result intrigues the viewer and draws them irresistibly to touch.

In response to the last two years, Gravelle has created new work that celebrates the changing of the seasons, welcoming the beginning of summer with bursts of painterly colour. The work is expressive, with abstract landscapes echoing natural forms while providing precision and impact. Gravelle’s pieces will be accompanied by work from renowned ceramicist Tanya Gomez; her signature porcelain vessels in lustrous colours resonating with Gravelle’s expressive topography.