Working from her studio at Cockpit Arts Anna Wales creates fine jewellery that is both delicate and strong. The intimate nature of jewellery and the relationship it has with people are central to her work. Each piece is designed to be a joy to wear, tactile and playful, whilst expressing an elegant individuality. Inspired by natural forms, she handcrafts multiple organic components, which are then articulated and layered to form flowing pieces that sit sensually on the skin and move with the body.

Anna uses a combination of precious metals, gemstones and the ancient technique of Keum-Boo, (hand applying and fusing gold leaf to metal). These create compositions of colour and texture, utilizing the rich variety of tones provided by different golds to create subtle fades and more playful contrasting configurations. The maker’s love of intricate and detailed work has been central to the success of the collaboration with Romilly Saumarez Smith as one of her “translators”.

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