Anne Holian

Anne Holian is a porcelain artist with a talent for storytelling through illustration. Anne studied painting techniques at Royal Worcester Porcelain and ceramics at the Royal College of Art. She was also invited to study with the painter Cecil Collins at Central School of Art. He described her as ‘a painter from the heart’.

The inspiration for painting the works in the show were sparked by her visits to Postcard Teas which made Anne imagine tea fields “full of mystery, delight and colour” as well as the local flora and fauna. Her pieces evoke memories of tea ceremonies and travelling tea sets from the traditions of hand-painted porcelain found in England, Europe and the Far East. These unique artworks are hand-painted on bone china and porcelain using on glaze enamel colours. After the first firing the painting begins, layers of colour are applied and fired several times to build up the depth of colour required to give the work depth.

To complete these exquisite pieces, Anne handmade boxes using the finest card and papers from Japan, India and Nepal. All the papers she used are conservation quality and carefully made by hand from plants, barks, natural fibres and silk threads using traditional methods.