Argent Studio



Argent Studio is a handmade jewellery brand based in Indonesia. Its semi-precious stones are sourced from around the world, and every piece is crafted by master artisans in Bali. Argent Studio jewellery is often inspired by ancient mythologies and celestial bodies. The designer, Karista Krishna, also designs jewellery for Aman Resorts. Karista’s grandfather was the court jeweller for the Javanese sultanate and she works with the descendants of his artisans. 

Karista was born and raised in Bali but both her parents are Javanese. She studied at the Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan, and at the Jewellery Design & Management International School in Singapore. Growing up, toys weren’t allowed but books and fables, as well as trips to ancient landmarks — like Java’s Borobudur — were. Karista’s ensuing love of myth and travel still influences Argent Studio 925 to this day. 

Apart from carefully choosing semi-precious gems, Karista is also selective about how she uses silver and gold. Argent Studio 925 pieces are demi-fine gold vermeil, meaning that they are of higher quality than gold-plated fashion jewellery but are shy of solid gold fine jewellery. Karista chooses Italian Sterling Silver as a base metal because of its malleability and slow pace of tarnishing, and uses a thick coating of 2.5 to 3 microns of gold for each piece to create the right shine and durability. The handmade nature of each piece is the final touch.  

Argent Studio will be featured in Dia Guild’s London Craft Week exhibition, A Luxury Craft Journey Across Southeast Asia. Learn more about Argent Studio here.