Ash + Plumb (Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb)



The unique collaboration of Ash + Plumb was created by Barnaby Ash & Dru Plumb, to honour naturally sustainable materials. Their one-off sculptural and functional works are created by woodturning, creating vessels that breathe life into living spaces, and paying tribute to traditional craft in a modern context; they realise sculpted pieces where the natural beauty of their materials shine.

Ash + Plumb’s locally reclaimed and sustainably sourced woods honour the life of the tree: these makers are constantly amazed by the natural beauty of woodlands, considering themselves editors not creators. Craft is the perfect medium for their expression, enabling meditation on the task at hand with meticulous focus; truly connecting with their chosen materials. The Artefact collection series of aged forms are patinated through traditional techniques: natural reactions with wood tannins achieve subtle ombre hues. Each piece is named after a mythological character, inspired by the form of the vessel.

Their practice is informed by a broad history of creative and practical experience, previously working in fashion (Barnaby as an editor and Dru in PR). Their desires are for sustainable practice, creative freedom, the therapy of craft itself and autonomy. They delight in turning creative concepts into physical realities, working with ideas from start to finish and taking full responsibility for every part of the process.

Ash + Plumb are based in Sussex and joined Design-Nation in 2020.