Ashraf Hanna

Ashraf Hanna is an Egyptian ceramicist born in El Minya-Egypt. He started his formal art education at El Minya College of Fine Art before getting a BA (Hons) degree in Theatre Design at Central Saint Martins in London 1991-94. He discovered clay in 1996 when he met his future wife sculptor Sue Hanna who introduced him to hand building techniques. Together they set up their first studio in Hackney in East London 1998-2000 before moving to Pembrokeshire- West Wales where they still live and work. After establishing a successful practice in studio ceramics, he attended The Royal College of Art between 2009-11 gaining an MA in ceramics and glass. Ashraf uses hand building techniques to create both individual and groups of vessels which are concerned with exploring line, volume and space. He is interested is exploring spatially complex forms through the juxtaposition of formal and fluid lines. Currently he is interested in introducing a different dynamic to classically proportioned vessel by executing carefully considered, minimal intercessions in his ‘cut and altered’ series. Whilst his main practice is in ceramics, he discovered kiln cast glass during his MA studies at the RCA . He became interested in the notion of a ‘material dialogue’, and he was able to explore this further when he received a major Creative Wales Award from the Arts Council of Wales to embark on a project entitled – ‘An exploration in the language of form and material’.