Atis Saez

Atis developed her trade in Chile after studying Artistic Jewellery. Since then she has spent 14 years continuing her practice alongside Industrial Design, creating her own lines of jewellery and teaching. Her connection with weaving has been natural, learning it from the women in her family and taking it to the metal.

Speaking of her practice Atis says "My products are author's jewels, in different techniques in metal. The most representative of them is my work in metal weaving to crochet, I weave using basketwork techniques, in this case with a crochet hook, a technique called micro-basketwork. The stitch or pattern is repetitive and concatenated, which being made in metal allows me to model it at will and create figures of great volume and translucency.".

She has received Recognition from the government through the Ministry of Culture for Chile and most recently been awarded the Certificate of Excellence For Handicrafts.