Auburn Claire Lucas

Starting her career in historical costume and tailoring, Auburn Claire Lucas has transferred her knowledge from these professions and applied them into perfecting her skills as a professional hand embroiderer. Her work often takes inspiration from historical garments and embroideries.

With support of a 2016 QEST Scholarship, Auburn undertook the Future Tutor Programme at the Royal School of Needlework and graduated with distinction. Since graduating Auburn has taught for the RSN at number of sites across the UK, and also in the USA. She also teaches for the London Embroidery School and as a private tutor, as well as working as a studio embroiderer for the RSN’s commercial studio and as a freelance embroiderer working on commissions. She is currently writing a book on Whitework Embroidery Techniques for Crowood Press and developing her work as a freelance embroiderer, designer and maker.

“Embroidery has always been part of my life, firstly a hobby and passion, and now as my career. I see the world in stitch, finding inspiration everywhere. I gain such pleasure in teaching and inspiring others in embroidery, in my own way helping to keep the art of embroidery alive.”