Bloc Studios

Based on the emerging vision of marble that involves re-thinking functional design out of industrial excess, Bloc studios is built on the ideas of international collaborations and in-house designed pieces.

The brand was born in 2014 with the intention of transforming raw, natural stones into thoughtful everyday objects while preserving the inherent qualities of the

Following the philosophy that every piece of marble contains a unique story waiting to be revealed, each piece is a unique one.


Terms & Conditions: Shipping charges displayed are for UK deliveries only. For any international deliveries, you will be contacted by London Craft Week (LCW) for additional charges. LCW takes responsibility for all works in its possession up to the point that a work is passed to the shipper or buyer. LCW will take reasonable measures to ensure works are wrapped and protected before they are passed to the shipper or buyer. LCW does not take responsibility for works in transit.


Objects for sale

Bloc Studios - Lotte Bowl

Lotte Bowl

Medium: White Carrera

Dimensions: 200 mm (Diameter) x 135 mm (Height)


Large, black, tall vase-like piece, with concentric rings along its length. It's topped with two pink flower-like objects.


Medium: Black Marquina

Dimensions: 140 mm (Diameter) x 380 mm (Height)

Bloc Studios - Ottilie


Medium: Portugal Pink

Dimensions: 170 mm (Diameter) x 295 mm (Height)

A black, white marbled spherical container being handed from one hand to another.

The Eye Container – Black

Medium: Black Marquina

Dimensions: 100 mm (Diameter)


The spherical white eye container being handed from one hand to another.

The Eye Container – White

Medium: White Onyx

Dimensions: 100 mm (Diameter)


Round with a narrow base, a candle holder in brown and white.

The Eye Candle Holder

Medium: Giallo Siena

Dimensions: 100 mm (Diameter)


Bloc Studios - Fatroll


Medium: Bardiglio

Dimensions: 120 mm (Diameter) x 320 mm (Height)


Posture Vase No 2 on an angular table, the vase lit up with two plants in it.

Posture Vase No. 2

Medium: Onyx

Dimensions: 57.5 cm (Height)


Black vase with white marbling. Sitting in front of a person lying down naked behind it.

Iris Vase

Medium: Black Marquina

Dimensions: 240 mm (Diameter) x 260 mm (Height)