Jo Cope

Boutique by Shelter & Jo Cope


This is not your average charity shop. With a handpicked range of unique donations and a bespoke interior by HemingwayDesign, our new flagship boutique store offers a shopping experience like no other.

Coal Drops Yard was once the power hub of Victorian London. Its arches piled high with coals from the north, this King’s Cross industrial centre sparked life into the city. Reimagined in 2018 by architect Thomas Heatherwick, Coal Drops Yard is set to become one of the most iconic and imaginative spaces in London.In this inspiring setting, Boutique by Shelter will offer designer, vintage and quality high-street clothing, all at a fraction of the original price.

Hattie Lamb is the Boutique by Shelter Shop Manager at the Coal Drop’s Yard, King’s Cross; working with Shelter for the past year and a half she has helped them to open their flagship Boutique in 2019. She is passionate about pushing the boundaries of the charity shop as a retail space and has co-presented with the artist and designer Wayne Hemingway on the changing role of charity shops in communities. She aims to show that charity shops have amazing potential beyond the traditional and champions sustainability, community and fashion alongside working for Shelter.

Jo Cope (partner)

Jo Cope has been a conceptual fashion designer and lecturer since 2006 and a Masters Alumni from the London Collage of Fashion. She has come together with Shelter, to share the message that fashion can be a positive social tool. Her work is a cross between; fashion, art, performance and craft; created to be visually and mentally consumed in art gallery environments, rejecting fashions only role as commercial commodity. Jo Cope has a unique perspective on shoes, using them as a means to communicate human centred issues, unite communities and to story tell. Jo’s Fashion Artefacts are exhibited worldwide in prestigious venues most recently at Museum of Decorative Arts Paris. In collaboration with Boutique by Shelter she has brought together 10 outstanding artists / shoe designers for the Shoes Haves Names project to explore the stories of individuals helped by Shelter who have faced homelessness and celebrate the amazing work done by Shelter.