Brian Turner




Brian Turner Trimmings was established as G J. Turner & Co. (Trimmings) Ltd in 1899 by the current owner’s grandfather, who had run a trimmings manufacturing business owned by a French company for some years. It was passed on to his son, F.G.A. Turner, who ran it successfully for many years, only closing for the War years and passing it on to Brian Turner in 1985. One aspect that has always remained the same however is that the pioneering company has consistently created hand-made speciality trimmings for the antique restoration market, and for high-end interior design companies decorating large houses and palaces across the world.

Originally based in East London for most of the last century, Brian Turner Trimmings is now located in Sawbridgeworth in Hertfordshire, with a manufacturing unit in a neighbouring village called White Roding. This is where all the constituent parts, cords, gimps and bullions for the tassels and fringes are made on the 35m long hand spinning walk, which are then sent out to home workers to assemble into the finished product.

Brian Turner has been working with trimmings for more than 50 years and has a unique and extensive knowledge of the manufacturing process, from handmade ropes, cords and gimps to narrow loom weaving, by both hand and machine, tassel making and wood turning. He creates handmade bespoke trimmings to fit any interior from the most modern to the historically correct, with the added ability to also repair and clean old trimmings or remake new parts and distress them to match.

Brian Turner Trimmings manufactures the best handmade trimmings for the most prestigious interiors around the world, including royal palaces, stately homes and privately owned houses. Clients range from the National Trust and English Heritage through to the most famous interior designers and architects.

However, what makes this dynamic company stand apart from its competitors is the extensive range of items produced, made traditionally by the company’s own staff within the UK from yarns that range from pure silk and linen to metallic and synthetics. The skilled and highly experienced staff are able to reproduce any antique, historical trimming or design into modern items to fit the latest interior. Their style can also be enhanced by the use of yarns as diverse and modern as glass, hemp, paper or metal.