Candyce Dryburgh

Candyce Dryburgh is a designer and material researcher who is also a fermenter and a self-made biologist. Candyce currently works as a mycologist for Biohm, a start-up which grows mycelium panels for the construction industry. In her spare time she pursues her own self-led projects in material research and teaches fermentation workshops. Her journey into mycelium began in the bakery where she was a baker for a year and a half.

Her current self-initiated project, Local Forms, rose from the constant daily battle of working with bad quality proving baskets that never lasted and used up valuable time. The desire for an affordable proving basket that was made locally, using local resources, directed her material research into mycelium. Journeying through this process, she has learnt self practice, met inspirational people and even helped set up a community biolab to enable her operation. 

In this talk, Candyce addresses her desire to create for a more sustainable world and how creating new materials can be viewed as a craft too. She also shares the challenges and achievements along the way, discussing the importance of collaboration.