Carolein Smit


Carolein Smit is an internationally renowned ceramic artist, currently residing in Belgium. In the early 1990s she received three scholarships from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts, Design and Architecture in Amsterdam where she studied.

Her sculpture plays around her fascination with life’s contrasts- the ugly yet adorable, the frightening but fragile. She uses transgressive beauty that appeals yet contradicts commonly held convictions about what makes something attractive. Carolein explores the confusing and chaotic boundaries between our different emotions and provides a reminder about the vulnerability and impermanence of life, and the inevitability of death.

Common themes of her works include animals, fairy-tales, mythology and religious art and the exploration of the relationship between nature, the scientific and the supernatural.

Her sculptures are featured in the collections of the V & A Museum (London), the Asante Collection (Switzerland), the Thomas Olbricht Collection (Germany), the Treger/ Saint Silvestre Collection (Portugal) and many more.