Caterina Licitra-Ponti was born in Milan, in Via Randaccio, on the top floor of the first classic-style villa that her great-grandfather built for his family in the 1920s. Caterina crawled on the alternating black and white tiles designed by Ponti, slept in a bed he designed, studied on his desk and had breakfast with his colourful glasses and plates. On the walls there were works by him, but also by Fausto Melotti, Fontana, Agnetti, Ettore Sottsass, Campigli, Mollino, Fornasetti and Merz. These artists are all connected and were chosen by the architect to furnish and enrich the lives and homes of his friends and customers around the world. Caterina remember sheets, drawings, notes, writings on art and the magazine Domus, directed by her grandmother Lisa Ponti. A constant coming and going of critics, gallery owners, artists, museum directors, united by Gio’s work and admiration.

Caterina took Gio Ponti’s lesson at his word: always look at the future and love the present. Today she is fascinated by NFTs as well as the invisible connection between art and technology. While in the present it comforts her to touch reality by drawing on canvases, sheets, tablecloths, and objects. Caterina works with artists and designers to position them and define their mission through storytelling. Her multidisciplinary approach is based on understanding contemporary culture, art, design and lifestyle.