Family-run creators of beautiful furniture for Britains finest interior designers, homes & hotels. Established in 1990, Celtheath has been meticulously honing its craft for more than 30 years, working to commission with a collection of renowned interior designers and first-class hotels.

For London Craft Week this Autumn, Celtheath unveils its in-house lines, showcasing the superb artistry that comes out of its Derbyshire workshop.

Charming hand-pleated details and elegant piping make up the twelve new collections from Celtheath, offered in a refined palette of 38 colours and textures. Each collection inspires a visual lightness of touch while delivering warm and indulgent comfort, a rainy Sunday level of cosiness.

Simple details unite with craftsmanship from Celtheaths skilled upholstery team, trusted by Soho House & Co, The Rosewood, The Doyle Collection, and The Landmark Group, to name a few. Celtheath’s clients expect the highest possible standards and this commitment to quality are visible in every last stitch.