Chai Jichang is a contemporary Chinese jewellery maker and artist. In 2011, he received a masters degree at Birmingham City University School of Jewellery. In the same year, he became the only artist to teach jewellery making at the school. He has won the Goldsmiths Prize four times and his works have been published twice in British VOGUE. His works have also been selected for Joay, Triple Parade, Cominelli and many other contemporary jewellery exhibitions.

In 2013, Jichang established the FRANKCHAI contemporary art jewellery brand in China and Europe. His jewellery explores themes of love and humanity. FRANKCHAI insists on original design and pure hand-crafting, allowing designers to participate in the production process as much as possible. The work includes techniques such as wax molding and form fixing. Each piece produced is unique, limited edition jewellery. Jichang Chai is a rare designer in China who produces both contemporary jewellery and art-grade jewellery. 

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