Chelsea Vivash Portrait

Chelsea Vivash

I am an East London based artist and maker. I have always admired craft and the handmade, making work that explores the relationship between function and form. Whilst studying for my bachelors degree in Fine Art at Edinburgh College or Art, I
created sculptures from old furniture and items found in a junkyard, I had a fascination with the skill that went into making each item even if it wasn’t clear what the item was, or its original use.

Since then I have established a practice that combines my making skills with a love of drawing, highlighting my appreciation for the shape, colour and texture of everyday objects and architectural forms.

I returned to study furniture design in London because of a desire to learn how to make these items that I admired. I learnt various traditional woodworking techniques including marquetry and wood inlay. These handmade marquetry pieces are
imagined ‘still lives’ inspired by my research and drawn studies. They are collections of objects that I have found, seen or imagined.

As my work continues I am experimenting with adding a functional element to the pieces, such as mirrors and vessels, as well as exploring the possibilities of scale and colour within the traditional technique of marquetry.


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Objects for sale

Chelsea Vivash - Perching01


Medium: Beech, Walnut, Walnut burr, Maple, Oak, Cherry, Iroko,Tamarind and Birch veneers backed onto Birch Plywood and framed in Oak

Dimensions: 38 x 52cm


Chelsea Vivash - Tube and Vessel

Tube and Vessel

Medium: Maple, Walnut, Oak, dyed Oak, and Engineered wood veneers backed onto Birch Plywood

Dimensions: 220mm (H) x 220mm (W)


Chelsea Vivash - Nestling Vessels LEAD

Nestling Vessels

Medium: Birch, Maple, Oak, Cherry and Walnut veneers Backed onto Birch Plywood

Dimensions: 210mm (H) x 150mm (W)


Chelsea Vivash - Wiggle


Medium: Maple, Birch, Walnut, Dyed Tulip, Cherry, Oak, Dyed Oak and engineered wood veneers, backed onto Birch Plywood and framed in Oak

Dimensions: 210mm (H) x 210mm (W)



Chunk Coasters – Various Shapes/Colours

Medium: Dyed Tulipwood, Birdseye Maple, Oak and Cherry wood veneers backed onto Birch Plywood.

Dimensions: 90mm x 90mm