Chloé Rochefort is an artist and a facilitator who specialises in surreal sculptures and installations. Inspired by her relationship to familiar spaces and discarded objects, she investigates playfulness and storytelling as a method to re-engage with our everyday rituals.

She questions concepts of belonging, sharing, and intergenerational relationships to re-imagine narratives, full of absurdity and humour. Chloe’s artworks are social creatures finding their meaning in the way they are built and the conversations they trigger. They explore the encounter between our personal experience and collective stories. The making process is an active part of her practice, which she considers as a performance tool.

Chloé explores dynamic and intuitive textile processes, combined with her storyline and the objects she salvages. As a material-led researcher and creative, she believes the physical interaction with material is in itself an act of storytelling.

Chloé’s recent body of work depicts how she has been coping with grief, using animism. She imagined a talking house, where the owner departed but his objects would still whisper words of comfort and jokes. In her sculptures , she represents traditional French objects, which she animates and re-narrates with her personal storylines. These objects become characters and receptacles for lost memories.