Christabel Balfour

Christabel Balfour is an artist and tapestry weaver, who’ll be leading several workshops and a live weaving demonstration as part of the Barbican’s Make! crafts season.

Balfour’s workshops cover the basics of tapestry weaving as well as some more advanced techniques. You will learn the difference between the warp and the weft, how to set up your looms to weave on, and how to start weaving. There’s also discussion about the different materials that can be used and how to finish and display weavings.

The textures and shapes of the Barbican Centre’s architecture lend themselves particularly well to weaving, says Balfour. ‘I think good design is always inspiring whatever your craft. The layout of the Barbican itself – the use of space, the angles and proportions – is just inspiring to be around. And there are so many interesting juxtapositions; between curves and straight lines, grids and circles, concrete and water.’