Trained in textile design and fine arts in Buenos Aires, Clara set up her ready-to-wear London studio in 2019. Focused on experimental textiles, she uses organic fibres and by-products, such as wool and hair, to create innovative textures.
Born into a family of embroiderers and textile merchants, she was introduced from an early age to the beautiful world of sequins, beads and colours. This inevitably led to a body of work that encourages clients to cherish and preserve garments by openly showing her methods of production, material sourcing and time taken to construct each piece.

Fascinated by the immense possibilities of wool, Clara carefully crafts textiles using her non-traditional felting approach, where she layers several fabrics in between felts, linking them together to generate irregular volumes and transparencies. Embellishments have a great significance in her design, and each season she incorporates rare vintage sequins and beads. In 2021 she launched a crystal embroidery jewellery line in collaboration with Swarovski and Anthropologie EU. In 2019, Clara become an artist in residence at Sarabande, the Lee Alexander McQueen Foundation.