Clare Pentlow

Clare Pentlow

Clare Pentlow is a Midlands-based artist working in paper. Heraim is to constantly challenge and transcend the boundaries of possibilities with my chosen material. Through cutting and foldingshe creates intriguing and “fluffy like”textures which challenge the perceptions of paper. In her practice Clare constantly questions what can be achieved,taking craft forward into the future, while continuing to inspire and challenge her viewers. White paper holds a particular interest to Clare: she loves the way that when layered,cut and folded together different types of white paper can influence the colours revealed in shadows.

Paper is a continuing source of exploration. Clare embracesthe versatile qualities of strength and fragility and enjoys the challenge of turning an ordinary flat sheet of paper into something extraordinary. Precision hand cutting and folding are combined through methodical repetitive motions,building layer upon layer of paper to createhighly textured mesmerising surfaces which draw the viewer in. The methodical approach Clare takes is rooted in her love of maths and science, and she is continually inspired by patterns in nature.

Clare studied surface design atUniversity of Wales Trinity Saint David and has exhibited at Rugby Art Gallery, Royal Academy’s 2018 Summer Show and Royal Birmingham Society of Artists. She joined Design-Nation’s portfolio in 2019.