Dahye Jeong (presented by Soluna Art Group Korea)




Born in 1989, Dahye Jeong is the first Korean to win the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize in 2022. Originally trained in sculpture, she decided to specialize in fibre arts entering into graduate school and there she came across horsehair through her research work. Having been born in Jeju island she is no stranger to natural resources as the island located far south of the Korean peninsula is renowned for its natural diversity. She trained in the traditional Korean head-wear making for men (of the Joseon Dynasty, 1392-1910) and then she experimented to further interpret this ancient material. Her transparently woven horsehair vessels caught the attention of the expert panel and the final jury for the Loewe Foundation Craft Prize, and they unanimously voted for her, commenting “there is nothing quite like it”. For the first time ever Dahye is presenting her work in the International Pavilion for London Craft Week 2023 representing by Soluna Art Group, a leading craft gallery in the Republic of Korea.