Dawn Bendick-Portrait

Dawn Bendick

Dawn Bendick is an artist working with time, light and multitone glass. Time Rock Stacks are cast in multitone glass and use the changing properties of a material to signal the passage of time. She works with a combination of natural and artificial
lights to trigger changes in the colour of this unusual and magical material. By tapping into our peripheral senses questions about how we can bring awareness to the change in seasons, atmospheric light and weather are generated. Dawn is from the U.S. and is living currently in the UK with her partner and 2 young children.

All works are cast in collaboration with Max Jacquard Glass studio in Kent.


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Objects for sale

A glass sculpture appearing as if hewn from rock. A rough square cut white makes the base, and supports a rock-like piece of green glass which in turn supports a rough piece of rust orange glass. The entire piece leans in a natural way.

Time Rock Stack 5

Medium: Cast glass

Dimensions: 51cm (Height) x 6cm (Length) x 32cm (Width)


A delicately balanced glass sculpture of 5 pieces perched upon each other. They form a narrow tower of interchanging flat wide pieces and tall narrow pieces of colours ranging from pink, to blue, to purple to yellow. At the top is impossibly balanced a large glass yellow seashell.

Time Rock Stack 12

Medium: Cast glass.

Dimensions: 74cm (Height) x 30cm (Depth) x 42cm (Width)


A glass sculpture which appears as if hewn from a rock-face. A tall, brownish yellow base is perched upon by a small, jagged square of white glass.

Time Rock Stack 6

Medium: Cast glass

Dimensions: 44cm (Height) x 18cm (Length) x 26cm (Width)


Rock-like sculpture formed grom grey and semi-opaque white glass. A captivating form stretching to the sky, placed on the edge of the base in a natural way.

Time Rock Stack 7

Medium: Cast glass

Dimensions: 46cm (Height) x 15cm (Length) x 23cm (Width)