Dharmesh Jadeja

Dharmesh Jadeja has spent the last 27 years living in the international township of Auroville in Southern India. His design practice DuStudio sources natural and simple materials for projects across the country. With a deep interest in all things Indian, Dharmesh’s general approach and interpretation of collection Deva is firmly rooted in natural materials, local culture, and communities, around principles of sustainability, simplicity, and aesthetics that touch the core of Indian wisdom.

Through the collection, Dharmesh Jadeja explores the rich material of Longpi pottery from North-East India, contrasted with the ancient craft of Bronze or Kansa as a metal from Odisha and Gujarat. For this, he collaborates with master craftsman Matthew Sasa from the Northeastern state of Manipur. Defined by a bold yet simplistic form with a notable sheen on its pitch black finishing, Longpi craft is a reflection of the versatility, diversity and inherent beauty imbibed in traditional Indian