Domitilla Biondi 

Domitilla Biondi’s mission is to bring the poetry of Beauty into people’s heart, embracing it professionally since June 2016. Her innovative technique consists in carving in a meditative state, using only a surgical blade, and letting the mathematical laws of Harmony emerge through magnificent miniatures. Her bas-reliefs, always different depending on the slant of light/shadows on the surface, total white on white, resonate with harmonic frequencies and nicety of her personality. Each piece is uniquely inspired and unrepeatable, without any preliminary design, to honor the gift of inner inspiration, which is part of her path of personal research as professional sound healer. In 2018 begun investigating the emotional concept of fragility through porcelain, producing a series of objects of a porcelain that she defines as eggshell because of the extreme thinness of the sculpted surface.