Dr Silvie Jacobi




Silvie Jacobi is Director at London School of Mosaic (LSoM) and has co-founded the school in 2017 in Camden. She has been making mosaic since 2007 when volunteering and working with Southbank Mosaics, which was the studio from which LSoM emerged and which focused on mosaic as a socially engaged practice. At LSoM Silvie teaches mosaic at various levels while also leading on commissions, in particular portraits. She has established the school’s unique Diploma in Mosaic Studies in 2018, which was awarded Leverhulme Trust funding in 2021.

Silvie has an interdisciplinary background between art practice and social research, holding a degree in Fine Art Painting and a Masters in Urban Studies. She completed a joint-doctorate in Geography at King’s College London and Humboldt University Berlin in 2019. Her thesis focused on the important relationship between art schools and place in determining the formation for art scenes and artists’ sense of place. She has a strong interest in urban regeneration and the investment in affordable space for artists and makers, which LSoM currently develops with funding from the Mayor of London. The schools plans to open studios for ca. 200 artists and makers in 2021.