DUO-HUE (Amelia Ayerst)



DUO-HUE is the brand of textile designer Amelia Ayerst, who uses a unique digital embroidery stitch, combining complementary colour-ways and differing stitch densities, to create a colour-morphing effect as her products move. Amelia created this technique whilst studying at Royal College of Art.

Amelia currently makes home and lifestyle products including framed pieces, cushions, rucksacks and jumpers. As well as these collections, Amelia works to commissions to create artworks in different patterns and colours. She also makes one-of-a-kind pieces, combining vintage and remnant materials with her embroidery patterns, to bring old and waste material back to life. Everything is embroidered by Amelia herself, who then collaborates with local craft-makers to make up the final products.

Amelia’s new wall hangings have dramatic colour changes, accentuated when filmed. She is developing a new collection of embroidered framed artworks, in a variety of colours and patterns, and also working in garment forms: she recently embroidered and embellished a range of jumpers and vintage jackets, using waste material and small defective samples to bring new life to garments.

Amelia says, “Great craft is seeing the passion and enjoyment in making something with your hands. Someone who has an obsession with a skill wants to explore new ways of thinking, to create something new.”

Amelia is based in Bristol. She joined Design-Nation in 2021.