Edward Barnsley Workshop



The Edward Barnsley Workshop makes exceptionally high-quality furniture in a wide range of timbers for clients in the UK and abroad. Designer maker James Ryan designs all the furniture and oversees its making with a team of craftsmen and apprentices.

The workshop from its inception has always sourced native timbers and had them cut to its specification. These cut logs are then carefully seasoned in our timber framed open drying sheds. This ensures a rich supply of often very locally sourced native timber for use in our furniture.

The workshop runs an apprenticeship scheme that ensures the workshops craftsmanship and skills are passed onto the current generation.

Our many important commissions include the oak boards for the rebinding of the Domesday Book and pieces for the Palace of Westminster.

Edward Barnsley CBE (1900-1987) was one of the most important British furniture-makers of the twentieth century. His father, Sidney Barnsley, was an Arts and Crafts pioneer. Throughout his long working life Edward Barnsley remained deeply committed to the values the Arts and Crafts Movement. The workshop that Edward Barnsley established in 1923 near Petersfield in Hampshire continues to make furniture to the highest standards.